About Us

Ofidy.com is a Global online shopping mall designed to assist buyers purchase products from different countries around the world and get it delivered to them here in Nigeria. We provide our customers with over 500 top online stores around the world so they can shop globally and have the products delivered to them. With Ofidy.com, buyers from Nigeria can now shop online from shops in Hong Kong, Mainland China, UK, Mainland Europe, USA, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and have these goods delivered to their doorsteps in Nigeria. We also provide a platform for manufacturers, distributors and retailers in Nigeria to display their products and services online without necessarily having their own website; these manufacturers, distributors and retailers in Nigeria can sell to buyers in Nigeria, Hong Kong, Mainland China, UK, Mainland Europe, USA and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This increases profitability of sellers, thereby ensuring optimum levels of convenience and customer satisfaction.

Using Ofidy is very easy. There are two main kinds of participants on Ofidy, the BUYER and the SELLER.

A BUYER must first be registered on Ofidy.com before using the portal to purchase goods. Buyers need to install the Ofidy App or the Ofidy Google Chrome extension to effectively use Ofidy.com to make purchases. When logged into the Ofidy App or the Google Chrome extension, a user simply surfs through the internet to the page displaying their favourite product(s) and select the and Add to Cart button for each item that is required. At the completion of shopping, the user clicks the check-out button on the Ofidy Google Chrome extension or Ofidy App and follow the instructions to make payments and specify delivery location while checking-out. Details on how to use the Ofidy Google Chrome Extension and the Ofidy App can be located in www.Ofidy.com/How-it-works

As a SELLER, simply Signup as a SELLER on Ofidy, and provide information about the kind of business you do as well as other relevant details about your business. Once the seller has signed up and their registration has been confirmed through the email they provided, the seller is good to go! The seller can now start uploading pictures and details about your products, which includes but are not limited to, Product Name, Price, Product Description, Additional Information e.g. Discounts, etc. Once a product has been uploaded, the product is immediately available to Ofidy.com’s users worldwide.