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Groceries are everyday needs for homes. Imagine having a breakfast package that is easy to prepare. It is important to know where to shop for groceries at affordable prices. Know the importance of grocery diet for kids. It has high protein and fibre content that can help to keep the brains sharp. It also contains calcium and vitamins that can keep your bones strong and healthy. Groceries in the household ranges from non-alcoholic beverages to cereals like cornflakes, golden morn, rice krispies, frosties, cocoa pops, custard, oat, milk and more. You can also shop for fresh fruits and farm produce on Ofidy. Tea and coffee are healthy morning starters, and you can get tea beverages like Green tea, black tea, and slim tea. Sweeteners like Sugar and Honey are also available on Ofidy. Biscuits and cookies are also breakfast packages you can take for a healthy diet.

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Ofidy groceries has a platform for you to get your daily needs and have it delivered to you in 24 hours or less. You can shop for kitchen food items like spaghetti, rice, beans, yam, potato, fresh tomatoes and more. Frozen foods and ingredients are also available. Buy your dried fish, stock fish, crayfish, semovita, wheat, garri, fresh live catfish and other ingredients on Ofidy. Also, buy your food seasoning and condiments on Ofidy. Our farm produce are fresh and organic. Ofidy is here to guarantee you the best grocery serving in Lagos. Do your grocery shopping on Ofidy Now!