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Sierra 151 Dress From Adjustable Tailors Dummy . aka. The SIERA dress form has an 8-part body to enable the waistline to be lengthened when a longer back measurement is required for sewing with ease, dressmaking or dressing. Sierra dressform neck is fully adjustable with an auto-set system and useful pin cushion.12 auto set dials to adjust this dressmaking dummy.Complete with a four legged base sturdy stand .Full shoulder manaquin for a better hang to sleeves.The dials makes it easy to change the dimentions of the body,including setting of the neck for smooth collars and necklines. the hieight also adjusts and a hem gauge is included to mark the hemline of skirts and dresses,can display and drape pants,in addition it is possible to pin items on the form.Measurements,39 - 46(bust),30 -37(waist),40"-46"(hips),15 - 20(neck)