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Hiti ID With Passport Photo Printer and Tab

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P310W WIRELESS Dye Sub Photo Printer. (REQIRES WIFI FOR PRINTING) Small, Compact and light. Elegant design with modern body shape. Wireless connection, can share with multiple users, fast and convenience Auto Color Adjustment. User Friendly Free APP, easy editing and creativity. Brand new engine producing outstanding printout quality. High capacity increasing uptimeP310W can work with your hand-held devices(smart phone, tablet etc) or PC/laptop, wire or wireless, to print high quality photos in secondsIDEAL FOR PASSPORT & ID PHOTOSHigh Quality performance. Photos are Waterproof, Finger Proof and UV Proof. Support Wireless Printing: Mobile phones, Desktop PCs, Notebooks and Tablets Support SD card (thru SD card adapter) Free Prinbiz APP provides multiple functions for the users to edit the images: there are variety ID formats can be chosen, resize the image, color adjustment, change filters, add photo frame, zoom in or out, rotation and so on.