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If the items you want to buy requires special arrangements, you can provide us with some details and we'll call you to work with you to sort things out. Global shopping shouldn't be a difficult task

Custom Order


The logos of the stores listed in this page are only suggestions of stores that you can purchase items from. By displaying the logos, Ofidy is not suggesting any form of affiliation with the stores whose logos are displayed. By clicking any logo, the Ofidy browser takes you to the website of the store whose logo you clicked – we have made every effort to make sure the website redirection works correctly. You agree that by clicking the “Add to Cart Button� on any item, you do the following:

1. Give Ofidy the express right to extract the URL and the page title of the web page you have open at the time the “Add to Cart� button was clicked
2. You agree that you inform us that you want to buy the item displayed on the specified URL
3. You agree that Ofidy will put the itemname in your Ofidy cart
4. You agree that Ofidy will provide you with an invoice that will contain the price of the item whose URL we have collected. The invoice will also contain the administrative and shipping charges that Ofidy will bill you for getting that item to you
5. You authorize the staff working for the Ofidy website to purchase the selected item from the chosen buyer and deliver to you based on Ofidy’s terms and conditions
6. You agree for Ofidy to pass you details to the company that owns the website should they need your information as a buyer of their products
7. You agree that where necessary, you authorize the Ofidy team to contact the store/seller on your behalf to help you resolve any customer services related issue(s)

Ofidy does not take responsibility for the state or security of the website(s) you visit using the Ofidy shopping browser. Ofidy does not take responsibility for the state of the items bought from the websites you visit using the Ofidy browser. The Ofidy team only offer a service to you – helping you purchase identified items and deliver to you.